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Addressing Roof Leaks From Ice Dams


Any homeowner in the Midwest is used to experiencing all four seasons and most of all, winter. While winter can be pretty with its snow and icicles homeowners know that ice dams can loosen shingles, tear off gutters, and cause water to leak into the home come springtime. Knowing what to look for on your roof and in your home can help protect your home from any further damage that might lead to costly repairs in the future.

How Ice Dams Are Form

  1. Warm Interior air escapes into the attic space. This heat loss causes the roof deck temperature to increase.
  2. Snow on the warm section of the roof melts until it reaches the cool section of the roof and freezes.
  3. An ice dam is formed at the roof's edge. The cycle continues and the ice dam can elongate and build mas.
  4. Standing water behind the ice dam finds cracks in the roof coverings and leaks into the attic. From there water can damage the roof deck, insulation, ceiling, and interior walls.

ice dam diagram

What to Look for on Your Roof and Home

Icicles on the home might not immediately signal you will have damage on your roof but if ignored and allowed to grow can cause trouble. Ice dams are formed by heat rising in the winter and melting snow. This snow freezes and gets into the eaves of the roofing system. The ice accumulates and creates a damn which causes damage.

Torn-off gutters and loosened shingles are easy to spot but stained ceilings and soggy insulation are also signs that you have ice dam issues. These damaged spots can be a magnet for mold and mildew and can potentially cause major problems. Now that spring is here these issues are more likely to occur!

Fixing Damage from Ice Dams

Once you see damage to your roof from ice dams you can count on Style Exteriors to repair your roof, siding, windows, and gutters. We have been serving Chicagoland and Southeast Wisconsin since 2003.  

As one of 7 Top rated contractors that offer Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors Warranty, we offer an unmatched 50 years warranty and a 25-year Non-Pro-Rated Warranty on your new roof. This means that if your Highrated Owens Corning Shingles fail, they will be replaced by Owens Corning them selfs. If you are looking for a maintenance-free roof we have also preferred contractors' status with the Best Synthetic Product available in the country, Brava Roofing, and Davinci Roofscape.

We not only pride ourselves on the top warranties from the best-rated product companies in the country, but we also stand behind our top-of-line service to local homeowners.

Side NoteNot to brag but we are Owens Corning Product and Service Excellence Award winners 3 years in a row!

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