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With every job, we strive to meet our customers’ standard for excellence. Read for yourself what our customers have had to say about working with Style Exteriors:

Amazing experience with Style Exteriors.  Called for siding replacement and I literally had a crew at my home the next day right before I was having photos taken to list my house.  They saved the day.  Everyone was extremely professional and responsive and I could have asked for a better experience.  Highly recommend!

Annette I

Style Exteriors did a remarkable job removing my cedar shake roof and replacing in with new synthetic shake and new gutters. The quality of the work and cleanup was beyond expectation and ahead of schedule. I would recommend them without hesitation and will absolutely use them again for any home improvement projects we have in the future.

Don H

I am more than pleased with the level of service I received from Style Exterior.  Tim Carden (the owner) gave me an estimate for roof replacement. Tim and his team very responsive to any queries I had.  New roof installation was finished in one day.  The job site was throughly cleaned after installation.

Kaushal P

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the business!