Gretchen Morrison- Interview/Review

It’s no secret the potential of a video and online review has on a business. But with the over-saturated market on reviews and in-your-face review videos, we appreciate this throwback style interview/review with one of our latest addition to the family, Gretchen Morrison.

Gretchen was in the market for a new roof after she saw shingles falling off her roof. She went thru a rigorous time trying to find the correct contractor for her new roof. Needless to say (no surprise) she picked Style Exteriors. With our hard work and professionalism, we stood out from the crowd and were able to replace her roof with Owens Corning Asphalt Shingles under the Platinum Preferred Contractor Warranty*.

Please enjoy the following interview/review from one of the sweetest family members we have added to the ever-growing Family of Style Exteriors.

In-person Interview: Gretchen Morrison

Type: Full Roof & Gutters Replacement

L-Good afternoon Gretchen, How are you today?

Gretchen- Hi Luis, How are you?

L- I’m good, happy to be here!

Gretchen - Please sit down!, Alrighty what would you like to know?

L-Gretchen, be brutally honest, What did you think about your sales rep?

Gretchen-Okay. the person who came out to the house was Tim Carden, and he came the day after I called. He was outstanding. I didn't wait! He was right there! He climbed up on the roof, he actually saw that we had patched a hole in the top of the roof. Our plan was to do the roof properly next year. But then we found some shingle pieces on the ground, we knew it was time. I had four different companies come out to give us a quote. Two of the companies climbed up on the roof. Two companies did not, Tim was my fifth. He came, he got up there and he goes, "oh, I see you fixed a hole on the roof". And I said, "yeah, temporarily with flex tape". He says, "well, I can give you a proposal immediately". I said, "okay, great!". and Tim Carden as the owner of Style Exterior's was exceptionally professional.

L-Awesome glad to hear that!  What are your thoughts on the crew, the whole process? What's your thought behind the whole experience?

Gretchen- We did this over the Memorial Day weekend, and the person who came out was Brad Mark as office and  Site manager. He had a crew first thing the very next morning. On Friday, before Memorial Day weekend, some supply truck came with all the shingles, all the supplies, all the stuff. Now we were going to do gutters at the same time, but that's done by another part of the company. And they were going to be made bigger and wider. That was going to be done on Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. So speaking of Friday, when the roofing was done, the supplies were here. The men showed up, there was a crew of 12 men. It was incredible. They had the roof shingles off, they had them boxed up and in the back of a truck, and gone. And in a flash they were up on ladders, putting them all, all the new shingles and the new vents that had to be placed in. And the men were done I think by close to four o'clock, five o'clock. They were finished with the roof in one day! It more than exceeded our expectations. We expected it to be a week-long Project.

 Now, one of the best things about working with Tim Carden was the fact that he said, number one; I can start my crew right away. Once supplies are available, which they were. All the other companies said August, later than that, because that's the way it is. I'd say that was the one calling card that I just loved about Style Exteriors. They were here to do the work to our satisfaction and they did.

L-Great. Great to hear that. Did you have any comments, anything that you would like to, maybe add?

Gretchen-I have no comments on how you can get better. They were the best. And I'll say this, our neighbors who drive by. We were recently at a party, four of the neighbors said, we love your roof, and so we passed out the calling card, business cards for Style Exterior, Tim Carden incorporated. So we hope to give them some business in the future.

L- Gretchen, it has been a pleasure to be here, I hope you have a great day!.

As an employee of this wonderful company, it makes me more than happy to hear and see the genuine happiness on their face when they talk about Style Exteriors.

Hope you enjoyed this throwback interview.

Edited by -L.E.S

Before and After

(Pictures by Jason)


Gretchen Morrison-Full Roof Replacement | Full Roof Replacement | Owens Corning | Asphalt Shingle | Wauconda Roofer | Local Roofer | Roofer Near Me |


Gretchen Morrison-Full Roof Replacement | Full Roof Replacement | Owens Corning | Asphalt Shingle | Wauconda Roofer | Local Roofer | Roofer Near Me |

*The Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor Warranty will allow you to protect your new roof for 50-years. Alongside Style Exteriors Workmanship Warranty is 25 years non-prorated, Gretchen can sleep easy knowing her roof and gutters are fully protected

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